she is a funny, smart, amazing, gorgeous a awesome photographer and a great singer.
she is always there for you if you need her and will always stick up for you.
she is very fashionable and she has beautiful eyes.
so if you see one be sure to talk to her.
hannah is a pretty and has all the talents.
by `makapaka October 27, 2011
Hannah is the bestest friend you could EVER have, shes the funniest person ever, absolutely gorgeous and is always someone you can count on! Hannah is always there for me, shes just like a sister. She comes up with some of the most hilarious lines ever. You can have so much funnn with hannah shes always up for a good timee and is always smiling shes rarely ever sad! She is such an amazing person, i love hannah so muchhhhhh :D
person 1: gchvjbkfdcvxsdfbzjkcx FUCK YOU BITCH

hannah: go hibernate, coz it just isn't working mate

person 1: hahahhahahha i love you hannah


hannah: Knock knock

person 1: whos there?

hannah: tank

person 1: tank who?

hannah: your welcome
by blaahhhblaahhh November 23, 2011
A girl with an amazing and deep personality. She often loves the outdoors. She always gets caught daydreaming in class, or anywhere for that matter. She is someone who you can trust. You could have a serious conversation with her and then she will make you laugh right after. She is always happy. She is someone who will laugh at all the stupid jokes. She tends to keep her secrets because she dosen't trust. If you break down her walls, she will tell you anything. She gives great advice, but never recieves any. She will stay up till the wee hours of night just to talk to you. If you do end up gaining her trust, don't hurt her. You are lucky. They often seem quiet and content at first. But if you hurt them, prepare to have your ass kicked! Get to know a Hannah, I am sure you won't regret it.
Yeah, I know Hannah! You should to, she is amazing!
by Loose_Change March 27, 2013
Thbe most beautiful girl you will ever meet, this girl is totally real. Blonde hair, blue green eyes. Very Bubbly and spunky. Can come off a little dumb at first but is actually very very smart. A real person. She'll do the occasionall party thing but not in huge crowds of people cause shes known to embarrases herself. good body. loved by guys
Damn, that girl is fine, she's got everything going for her, She's a Hannah.

I never knew that anyone could be so real, damn what a hannah.

I wanna fuck that Hannah girl.

Someday, I'll marry Hannah.
by Blahdadoodee February 17, 2011
Name for a girl, who tends to be quiet although when you get to know her she has a great personality and can often be quite loud and described as insane, A Hannah is often brunette and very mysterious, there's always something she's not saying. They are often smart, but very modest and can be a deep thinker. A Hannah is a child at heart and loves to have fun. A Hannah is happy.
girl 1: 'oh hey look, its hannah'
girl 2: 'WE LOVE HANNAH'
by chickenwinglawl November 28, 2011
A girl that you cannot help but fall in love with. It is the fact that she is so amazing that gets you. She teaches you the importance of love in all aspects of life. Along with other lessons she instills in you just through her actions, she is the perfect girlfriend. Extremely loving and caring, so deep and thoughtful, mindblowingly smart, jawdroppingly pretty, stunning really, sweet as fresh honey, friendly, and a touch of crazy silliness are just a few of the wonderful traits she offers. (You can also expect athleticism, deep, wondrous eyes, a smile that lights up the room, and long, flowing, beautiful hair that you will never want to stop stroking just to name a few more). When you are with Hannah, a smile will always be on your face and those butterflies of excitement that you get when you first fall in love will never go away (no matter how many years you are together). She is your sunshine, your fluffy clouds, your rock, and the only one your heart belongs to. If you happen to be one of the luckiest guys in the universe and you get to be with her, do not let her go. Keep her safe, happy, and loved and you, my friend, will have your dream for the perfect girl come true.
Friend: Hannah is a really amazing girl, so much fun and really cool! Not to mention damn sexy! You are one lucky guy.

Me: Yeah, I know. I am more than lucky, though. I am blessed to be with her.
by BlessedGuyMDC June 24, 2013
the most amazing girl on earth. she makes your everyday :) you always want to be around her. you will alwayz want her in your life no matter what the situation is. she is funny. pretty. gorgegous. most of all beautiful! <3
she can make you fall in love in a instant.
Hannah is a beautiful girl ; Have you seen hannah shes amazing!
by bethgamin123 July 06, 2011

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