Martin, an extremely foxy lady
Damn, there goes Hannah!
by Roco McRooster February 13, 2008
Someone with tits so far apart they have different post codes.
Yo have you seen Hannah's tits ? They look like they have had a argument.
by Cholo1224 February 14, 2015
Hannah is someone that doesn't typically say much at first. She is someone that only talks when she actually has something funny or humorous to say. She is possibly one of the most beautiful people you will ever see. Its the kind of beauty that cant be denied. The beauty that has a whole different category of its own. She is easy to talk to about ANYTHING. She will make you laugh by being her weird self. Shes not afraid to make a fool of herself. She usually has little Corks about her that nobody notices until they take the time to get to know her. But once you you go Hannah, you never go back. ( :
Wow, Hannah is so compassionate.

I think i just saw Hannah walking down the hall.
by Cammy cam March 29, 2011
Hannah can be a very loyal friend, but don't upset her or you'll end up with a broken heart and minus one best friend!
Hannah's friend- Hannah is an awesome friend!

Hannah's ex- Yeah, but she dumped me two weeks ago. I don't know why!
by PiperMcLean#3 June 25, 2015
Generally very pretty, but is basically a walking definition of 'white girl'
Girl one: "hey do you want to go shopping with me?"

Hannah: "Yeah! The Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back, that means it's UGG season! I also heard there was a sale at Forever 21 today!"
by I know six hannahs November 16, 2013
A Girl Who Think She All The Other Hannah's In Urban Dictionary's Definitions . She Also Think She Got A Big Booty But It's Kind Of Flat .. She Was On The Popular Disney Show && Changed Soon To Another Person .
Hey Hannah , Your Finally Famous !
by Peachesssss April 24, 2015
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