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Hannah can be typically defined as someone who is mysterious in the way that she does not want to tell the world her business. She tends to be quite even though in her mind can be very wordy. when she is around her family and close friends she may never shut up. Hannah's typically are really good looking but modest about their appearance.
Hannah, helpful, athletic, natural, normal, attractive, honest
by hannah'soutthere March 17, 2011
A name given to a girl who is generally happy, nice, very sexy/ model-like, and very artistic. She is always someone you can count on and trust. She doesn't look for flings with guys she wants the real deal and in the end just wants to be loved.
guys would be lucky to marry a Hannah
by anonymous5495:) June 24, 2011
Hannah is an amazing girl! She gets on great with both male and female! She has guy friends who are just friends! She's a loyal friend and will stand by all her friends, especially her best friend, no matter what! They are the most wonderful person you will ever meet! Hannahs are shy at first but get to know them and they are bubbly and exciting people. Hannah's are gorgeous but so modest they wont believe it. Hannah's are so understanding and will listen to what you have to say. A Hannah is one of the most trustworthy people you will ever meet. Hannahs tend to have awesome families who are so easy to talk to and get long with! If you get the chance to talk to a Hannah take it as it could be a wonderful opportunity to make an awesome new friend! Hannahs are the best friends anyone could ever want! I'm lucky enough to say I've got a Hannah as my best friend <3 xxx
Lisa : I wish Hannah was my best friend!
Paige : Me too she's so lovely
Megan : Too bad because she's mine!!

Dean : How are you so close to Hannah?
Ciaran : She's one of my closest friends!
Dean : Damn I wish she was mine...
by MeganC1DHP August 22, 2011
Hannah is a hebrew name, meaning grace and love. Hannah\s typically have brown hair and dark brown eyes. Hannah's are absolutely gorgeous and she is the girl that guys swoon at her feet to be with. If your with a Hannah, your a very lucky person ;D They are very intelligent and pride themselves in their cultural background. A Hannah will never let you down. She is loyal, smart, honest, determined and confident. At first she may appear shy, but once you get to know her, a fun-loving and courageous personality shines through. Hannah's are all-around amazing girls that any guy would be extremely lucky to be able to date! :)
Wow...Hannah is so stunning! Her boyfriend is incredibly lucky!
by oxfordnerd March 05, 2011
Hannah is a girl name. She is crazy and adventurous. She is not scared to make her hands dirty but does care a lot about her reputation and appearance even if she denies it. She is the pretty girl in your group of friends. Hannah likes a good drink and a smoke once in a while but knows when to stop. She is a friend you can rely on but doesn't always know how to react or take care of serious things. She is certainly the friend you will end up in jail with and have a good laugh at what happened even if you are in serious trouble. When it comes down to boys you'll never know what Hannah thinks. She likes to mess around but never goes farther than a 'hello, goodbye'. Hannah is a very happy person that won't get mad easely but watch out, she is a gossipgirl. She isn't a Blair or a Serena. Not the Bad-girl neither the type to plan her future. She goes trew life with the moto "shit happens, get over it".
Oh hannah oh hannah, you are like barbra streisland
by karolina des Espignaras December 09, 2010
PERFECT the greatest girl in the world.walks with grace and beauty,a gem in a dark cave,someone to show you the light, the sexiest girl in the world,treats her man with everything,not even death wants to ruin such beauty, if you have a hannah your so lucky!. NEVER to let go under any circumstances
by L.sm May 20, 2011
A brunette girl that expects too much from herself and too little from others. She hates drama and gossip. She keeps a lot to herself and is smarter than she looks. Even if she says she doesn't need a man, she probably does. She bottles up her feelings and you will notice that every once in a while they will burst out at random times. Hannah can keep secrets insanely well, and is not one for backstabbing. Hannah's will often make mistakes, and if you get mad at it for her, you may never get your old friendship back. Hannah is a child at heart and hates fakes and hypocrits. Don't lie to Hannah because she will be able to tell. Hannah has more secrets herself than you may realize. Hannah doesn't realize how amazing she is. Hannah normally has high standards which rarely ever occur in boys, but when they do, you can be sure she will throw herself at them. Hannah gives great advice to everybody, love life and not, but she can never get out of her own problems. Hannah is very shy but masks it by looking brave. Don't mess with Hannah because even though she is normally very happy, she can get very scary when she is mad. Hannah goes out of her way to be different and she can take a joke. Hannahs may not be the best people on the planet, but they are pretty dang good people, so smile and say, "Hi," the next time you see one.
You: Hey
Hannah: Hey, wassup?
by Cariati, Italy February 08, 2012