The most Gorgeous girl in the world. Has an incredibly naughty side. Is very funny, nice, and sometimes sweet. Definitely a girl you would want to be with for the rest of your life!
"DAMMMNNN that girl is a Hannah!"
by Hannahlover1234 September 18, 2012
Nice Hair
The Best
Cooler Than Anyone else
A Gift From God
Hebrew Name

Wow I Love Hannah,Shes Cool
by HannahIsWellGay August 13, 2008
An amazingly beautiful girl who takes care of her friends and makes everyone she knows smile. It is a hebrew name meaning 'grace', which, although it may not always be accurate, is mostly true. She may have a fondness for sugary foods (sugar puffs, candy bracelets etc) but she will never put on any weight, as she is naturally gorgeous, as well as most probably being blonde. Men will fall at her feet, but she will only notice the wrong ones, or ones that are completely inappropriate (justin bieber and other such losers). Although she has fairly regular blonde moments and may be perceived by some as being dumb, she is actually incredibly intelligent and wise. She stands by her friends and is generally an all-round perfect person, with more strength and intelligence than she realises, as well as the best friend anyone could ever want.
"Dude, that girl is peng!"
"Yeah, she's a total Hannah."

"Where are all the sugar puffs?"
"Hannah probably ate them."

by LongridgeSpanner November 02, 2010
The most beautiful girl in the world. She has the sweetest heart and is incredibly loving. She's adorable and awesome all at the same time. She has the most addicting, sexy voice you'll ever hear. She also has a nice body ;D Her personality and just her as a person is hard to hate; one can't help but love Hannah. She's THE best girlfriend a girl (and a guy) could ever have. Call yourself a lucky duck if you're dating a Hannah. She's sweet, gorgeous, sexy, smart, hilarious, cuddley, adorable, awesome, outgoing, and cute person. One is truly lucky to know a Hannah. I know I am :)
Person 1: "Who's your girlfriend?"
Person 2: "Her name's Hannah. I fucking love her :3"
Person 1: "No way! Really? Damn you're lucky! Show me a pic"
*shows pic*
"Holy shit! she's hot! congrats!"
Person 2: " Thanks. :) she mean the universe to me."
by JayB93 December 02, 2010
Hannah is a princess, in fact, she is THE princess. Very funny. Has a lot of friends, but only hangs out with her closest ones. Always has a smile on her face, and doesn't give a fuck about anything. She will go far in life, because she never lets anyone get her down, she stands tall above the rest, she doesn't brag about looks but she is beautiful, but doesn't see it. <3
One day I'll be a Hannah.
by McKeeennnziieeee August 11, 2011
A favorite person to hang with. is usually found talking or laughing. is so friendly i think thats why some people are jealous of her.
Hannah and Andrea, whenever i see some hot chicks, i go "woot woot".
by Burton. October 15, 2008
the bestest friend andyone could have.
someone that you have known for a long time. a best friend!
yep, that's my hannah over there.
by veda. hannah is my besty!! September 01, 2008
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