A girl that is awesome, irreplaceable, understands and makes others feel better, impressive, beautiful, intelligent, sexy, fashionable, can get any guy she wants, has the most immersive serious discussions possible, unrivaled as the cutest, she never puts up with no shit, extremely passionate, hilarious, the coolest person around at any given moment. Her name can be spelt backwards.
I was extremely torn up about it until I talked to Hannah about it, then I snapped out of it. She's amazing!
by hashtag moresetthanbillgates February 04, 2015
Just about the most amazing girl EVER!! Hannah is always there when you need Her and she never refuses to help someone! She's beautiful , smart, funny,and all out the best! You'll never meet a girl like Hannah !
"Do you see Hannah?"
"Yeah she's a keeper!"
by countryboy34 October 30, 2014
One of the prettiest and sweetest girls you will ever meet. She will make you smile as soon as she walks in the room. Her awesomeness remains unmatched. It's a guarantee that as soon as you see her, it will make your day
Holy hell, is that God's sister?

No, it's Hannah.
by can of whoopass September 19, 2013
The most amazing girl anyone will ever meet! She's kind, smart, nice, BEAUTIFUL, dorky, and when it comes to relationships... She is the BEST F**king Girlfriend any guy could ever ask for! I got lucky she didn't take a liking to her ex boyfriends and I snagged her for myself. Her awesome attitude is fun to be around no matter who you are, and she is a dedicated, smart as hell, very beautiful well rounded person. Love you babe!
"That Hannah girl is a awesome person!"

"If you ever get a chance to meet this girl, your world will become 1000 times better!"
by Infamous Doper April 05, 2013
She will come off mysterious and shy at first. She is beautiful but denies it. All guys respect her but never know what to say. But when you get to know her she will be loyal, smart, funny, sweet, and loving. If you date her, she is serious about you. Many people simply say she shines because she is beautiful from the inside-out.
"Hannah is a true friend. She would never say anything behind your back!"

"You're #really pretty, Hannah."
"Oh my gosh thanks! That's so sweet of you."
"No, I'm serious. Like legit pretty."
by whycantihaveher November 08, 2012
An amazing girl! She is poetic, open, smart, and honestly an amazing person to be around. You can find her writing, jamming out to music, hanging with her mostly guy buddies, or drawing. She is loyal and will keep any secret. With her, you can be open and do anything with her. She is sarcastic, brave, and independent. If you ever meet a Hannah, don't loose her!
Hey, do you know who can help me with my writing assignment?

YEAH! Ask Hannah!
by Alice Cahoon August 30, 2015
Hannah is a perfect young girl, with the brightest blue eyes, and hair that is ever-changing.
Her face resembles that of a fairy, and she has the flawless complexion of a mermaid.

If you get the chance to meet a Hannah, hold on to her.

She will be the kindest, most intelligent person you'll ever get the chance to meet.

She's sensitive, and has a fear of being left behind. You won't want to be the one to make her fear become a reality.
Lastly, Hannah is a great best friend. She will always be there for you, no matter the circumstances. She will listen, and try her best to respond well, and to give good advice.
Shaney- "Who is your best friend?"

Xavi- "Hannah, duh."

Shaney- "wow, your lucky to have her.
by CrazyKenna February 05, 2014
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