A girl that is awesome, irreplaceable, understands and makes others feel better, impressive, beautiful, intelligent, sexy, fashionable, can get any guy she wants, has the most immersive serious discussions possible, unrivaled as the cutest, she never puts up with no shit, extremely passionate, hilarious, the coolest person around at any given moment. Her name can be spelt backwards.
I was extremely torn up about it until I talked to Hannah about it, then I snapped out of it. She's amazing!
by hashtag moresetthanbillgates February 04, 2015
Coolest stoner you'll ever meet. Gotta thick booty. Makes some banging food. She'll SHOW you what that mouf do.
-Wow, is that Hannah?

~Yeah, ask her what that mouf do.

* 10 minutes later *
-She sure showed me!
by mynoduespistaken November 27, 2014
Hannah. OH, Hannah! Hannah is such a strong word that is way too long to explain! But a perfect summery is a strong, beautiful, exsepting girl. Not to mentshion her GREAT hair and acsessories everyone, always will obsess about, and her amasing talents, (like dancing),and pround goals and dreams for the furture.If you every meet a Hannah (with an H at the end) be sure to keep her close even though you will fight, She is always looking for new baes. So chearish her. :) <3
GIRL#1: hey, me and Hannah just got into a fight, what should i do?

GIRL#2: SO what, that happens you must have alot in common, wich is good just dont't let it be more then what the drama is!
by hhgg7078 April 15, 2014
A girl with many different traits. Is beautiful in so many ways that it is indescribable. Very intelligent but can sometimes have some "blonde moments". She has a lovable personality and is always the boss. Very loyal and will stick up for what she believes in. All the boys love her and all the girls want to be her. The best friend and sister a girl could ever have.
Blair Waldorf and Audrey Hepburn are such Hannahs.
by sister's Chanukah gift November 24, 2013
Hannah is a girls name and she is a total badass.
she tough, hilarious and is a great friend.
She could survive practically anything.
she is smart too.
shes really pretty but doesnt realize it
guy: Who's that cute girl boxing?
girl: oh thats hannah
guy; does she always box?
girl; yeah but she does practically anything. I wish i was as tough as her
by indigosky June 17, 2013
The best girl in the world. She is amazingly beautiful. She is shy on the outside, and a little on the inside too. Once you know her, you will never feel the same.
When Hannah holds my hand, everything is peaceful in the world.
by SomebodyThatYouUsedToKnowToday April 09, 2013
Sexier than all other of the female gender, Hannahs are unbelievably cool. This is primarily because their name can be spelt backwards.
Guy: Woahhh gurl, check out Hannah!

Girl: I know, I wish my name could be spelt backwards.
by Hannieboban March 20, 2013

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