Just about the most amazing girl EVER!! Hannah is always there when you need Her and she never refuses to help someone! She's beautiful , smart, funny,and all out the best! You'll never meet a girl like Hannah !
"Do you see Hannah?"
"Yeah she's a keeper!"
by countryboy34 October 30, 2014
People with the name Hannah can feel sad or angry and hide all their emotions with a simple smile they don't like trusting people but when they trust someone with something they trust them with everything Hannah's have many friends but more enemies Hannah's feel worthless so do stupid things like harm themselves and do not know what they mean to others. Hannah's are usually brunette with dark eyes they are normally quite funny and you would want one as your best friend.
girl 1: "look at the girl she looks so sad but shes smiling"
girl 2: "shes such a Hannah"
by lucinda lokward June 12, 2014
Hannah. OH, Hannah! Hannah is such a strong word that is way too long to explain! But a perfect summery is a strong, beautiful, exsepting girl. Not to mentshion her GREAT hair and acsessories everyone, always will obsess about, and her amasing talents, (like dancing),and pround goals and dreams for the furture.If you every meet a Hannah (with an H at the end) be sure to keep her close even though you will fight, She is always looking for new baes. So chearish her. :) <3
GIRL#1: hey, me and Hannah just got into a fight, what should i do?

GIRL#2: SO what, that happens you must have alot in common, wich is good just dont't let it be more then what the drama is!
by hhgg7078 April 15, 2014
A person who is outgoing, friendly, smart, and hilarious. Hannahs are super giggly and bubbly, but totally deny it.
And often have awesome curves and are blonde. They make fantastic best friends and are good listeners. All the guys love Hannahs.
"Dude, she is so Hannah"
"Hannah is so awesome"
"I wish I could be more like Hannah."
"Hannah is bootylicious."
by I Found Nemo January 20, 2013
Hannah is an independent fun-loving girl. Though she's not the best at anything she's good at most. Hannah is the quiet shy type to people she doesn't know But once you get to know her you can't get her to shut up. Hannah loves to read and draw. Hannah is always thinking and very observant so when you're about to do something you don't want anyone to know about make sure she's not there though she most likely wont tell on you she will probably use it against you. Hannah is smart and gets many ideas from the books she reads. Overall Hannah is different
Person1- why is that girl so quiet
Person2- she's a Hannah she's thinking
by Allicia47 January 07, 2013
NOTE: This refers to brown haired Hannah's.
A mysterious girl who has opposite taste in music from her whole year group.Usually brown haired with brown eyes who has the longest in the year.She has a strange mind, usually thinking about herself in an anime she watches and thinking of the future and not stupid things normal girls think.
A Hannah is sometimes religious and is very protective. She is shy and quiet when around people she doesn't know but is extremely loud, crazy and random when comfortable. She considers herself emo hence the fact her favorite colors are white and the rainbow and has multiple personalities.She has some mad skills at drawing and gaming, and gets competitive when someone else is also good. She mostly gets along with guys but has a couple of female friends too.Her best friend is a guy that reminds her of her old friend.She is usually very kind but can get cold hearted and selfish at times of despair. She knows how to make everyone laugh and can be embarrased easily. Great at fighting and is never serious when it comes to business.She cries very easily and will say she has problems with her eyes but really is dealing with deep pain inside. Hannahs always refer to themselves as awesome, epic, legendary and inhuman while refering to others as failures. Will nearly always politicaly correct you.
Likes: Birds, Games, Nintendo, Pokemon and related things.
Dislikes: Blonde girls with blue eyes.

Guy : No you're not !

Hannah shows her high score

Guy : Okay maybe you are.
by Rainbow o=o November 12, 2011
A human being who has unnatural love for all Nicks.
Hannah loved Nick's legs.
by Bluegorilla101 November 01, 2014

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