Be lucky you know a hannah
Hannah. Be grateful you know a hannah. A really loveing person but hates being upset and letdown. She is gorgoues and pretty but no matter how many times it said to her, she will deniy it. Her friends love her, mostly for her personality. Comes out with the stupid things at times but when she knows whats important, her brainy side is exposed. Hannah's tend to be a really friendly person and so easy to get along with. Hannah's are known to be histerical people who with laugh at anything. Always up for a laugh. Her memories are mostly with people called Claire or Lucy, and will always have that one special guy bestfriend. Hannah's are loud, but in a good way but really everyone loves her for her ways. She is small, cute, pretty, skinny but thinks shes fat, loud, happy, sad at times with letting things get to her.
Hannah's are mostly single not because their ugly because dont want to take that step just yet because they are to scared or just want the right guy, but we all know that Hannah's have that one special guy in mind she could't stop liking.

Be happy you know a Hannah, and never ever let her go.
by Whatislife March 30, 2012
Someone who's quiet, with interesting stories and secrets. She has interesting views on everything, and she loves to talk to people who have wisdom. You should get close to a Hannah, because she wants someone to share all her adventures with.
That girl is so Mysterious, I want to talk to her, but she seems so content in her own world.. what a Hannah.
by BritneySpearsbetch November 11, 2011
Absolutely the most amazing friend you could have, always has your back no matter what. And will pimp slap any douche who messes with you. Very sensitive....dont make her mad..or else you'll regret it. One of the funniest people you'll ever meet. Very fond of "Your mom" this, or "Your mom" that.
You won't regret meeting a Hannah.
"Hmm..what to do today?"

Hannah: Your mom.
by BrotherFromAnotherBrother July 01, 2011
a girl who's upright awesome. She's timid and shy sometimes, but she has a real lion inside her waiting to be unleashed
"That girl's got everything going on for her,"
"She's a real hannah"
by Goboajs May 25, 2016
Just about the most amazing girl EVER!! Hannah is always there when you need Her and she never refuses to help someone! She's beautiful , smart, funny,and all out the best! You'll never meet a girl like Hannah !
"Do you see Hannah?"
"Yeah she's a keeper!"
by countryboy34 October 30, 2014
Someone or something that is better than you.
Monday was jealous of Friday because Friday was so Hannah, mate!

Wow, look at Hannah, she is absolutely beautiful.
by better1 April 14, 2013
A sexy girl who is funny and outgoing, she can get any guy she wants to just cause shes so hot and her personality is amazing, her smile can brighten anyones day even tho she is sad her self. often, hannahs have a big butt and big boobs. A Hannah is an amazing friend although she is bad at keeping secrets to herself, take time to meet a hannah, because they are amazing.
" wow, that girls sexy, must be a hannah."
by rebeckha1942456 April 07, 2013
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