The most amazing girl anyone will ever meet! She's kind, smart, nice, BEAUTIFUL, dorky, and when it comes to relationships... She is the BEST F**king Girlfriend any guy could ever ask for! I got lucky she didn't take a liking to her ex boyfriends and I snagged her for myself. Her awesome attitude is fun to be around no matter who you are, and she is a dedicated, smart as hell, very beautiful well rounded person. Love you babe!
"That Hannah girl is a awesome person!"

"If you ever get a chance to meet this girl, your world will become 1000 times better!"
by Infamous Doper April 05, 2013
The most beautiful, amazing, sexiest, nicest, and most emotionaly flawless, girl in the universe. She is most attractive in personality. A girl that can easily make you frisky or horny, and loves to lay in your arms and cuddle. She never feels awkward, and is very flirty. You will know your in love if you see a hannah.
OMG she is sooo a hannah
by Dattenordrummer November 11, 2012
A girl who is truly beautiful inside and out. She is hilarious and always knows how to make you smile. She is a person who always speaks her mind and is extremely honest! A Hannah loves to shop and is quite spoilt, but certainly not a brat. She is terrified of spiders and refuses to sleep in the dark, but under all of that she is an amazing person who is truly worth getting to know, though she often is mistreated and treated unfairly. Hannah's often like to hide there true hair colours and although they sometimes may seem intimidating she is loving and caring. GET TO KNOW ONE IF YOU GET THE CHANCE!
Hannah Hanna
by KatnissHawthorne-Mellark October 20, 2012
One of the prettiest and sweetest girls you will ever meet. She will make you smile as soon as she walks in the room. Her awesomeness remains unmatched. It's a guarantee that as soon as you see her, it will make your day
Holy hell, is that God's sister?

No, it's Hannah.
by can of whoopass September 19, 2013
The best girl in the world. Totally irreplaceable and loyal till the end. She is easily embarrassed and will roll into a tight ball of adorableness that can only be unrolled with hugs and kisses. Relationships with Hannah's are always long lasting. Hannah's tend to date nerdy jackasses who have really bad tree-hair and tend to be the only people in the world who happen to like tree-hair. Hannah's are also amazing artists and writers, but can get rather annoying when (obsessively) correcting someone's grammar. All Hannah's are also great kissers and have the best bodies in the world. If you ever are friends with a Hannah, DATE HER IMMEDIATELY! They make the best girlfriends and also make great food.
Guy: So how long have you and Hannah been dating?

Me: 4 years

by JMOD September 15, 2013
The best girl in the world. She is amazingly beautiful. She is shy on the outside, and a little on the inside too. Once you know her, you will never feel the same.
When Hannah holds my hand, everything is peaceful in the world.
by SomebodyThatYouUsedToKnowToday April 09, 2013
Someone that is fierce and top notch perfection. She is very beautiful, loving and kind. Hardly ever will judge others. Also, will never stop trying for something they truly want! For a bonus, Hannah's can ALWAYS twerk dat ass like no other!
DAMN! Hannah can twerk dat ass! Top notch right there!
by fierce love March 23, 2013

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