An amazingly cool kind sweet loving girl!
Person 1-I love Hannah she is so nice to me
Person 2-I know right!?!
by 21bookworm June 06, 2016
a girl who's upright awesome. She's timid and shy sometimes, but she has a real lion inside her waiting to be unleashed
"That girl's got everything going on for her,"
"She's a real hannah"
by Goboajs May 25, 2016
Absolutely the most amazing friend you could have, always has your back no matter what. And will pimp slap any douche who messes with you. Very sensitive....dont make her mad..or else you'll regret it. One of the funniest people you'll ever meet. Very fond of "Your mom" this, or "Your mom" that.
You won't regret meeting a Hannah.
"Hmm..what to do today?"

Hannah: Your mom.
by BrotherFromAnotherBrother July 01, 2011
A evil vile women from the pits of hell its self born to torment and belittle the male population.
Dude 1: he looks pretty sad man.
Dude 2: what happend?
Dude 1: he found out his gf was a hannah.
Dude 2: ouch i remember my first hannah.
by some6ftdude August 02, 2011
1. The MOST beautiful woman to have ever existed.

2. A Dinosaur.
Example 1: Hannah is the most beautiful, funny, stylish, amazing girl in the world.

Example 2: Hannah: I'm going home to change.

Boy-Friend: Change into what?

Hannah: A dinosaur!
by Norm560 March 21, 2013
A Hannah is a Hot, Attractive, and Stunning person. She is a tomboy who likes to hang with the guys and they all are in love with her. She is graceful when it comes to sports but other things not so much. She is halrious and is always smiling:)
O man look at her, she's gotta be a Hannah
by 11111523 June 05, 2011
Hannah is a girls name.

People with the name Hannah are very smart, pretty and funny. You would want to befriend a Hannah because of these qualities. Guys swoon over them and she never goes a day single.

Hannah's are usually blond and they will rule the world someday.

awesome cool popular
Look at Hannah, she's so pretty.
by oompaloompa. January 07, 2011
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