The girl who broke my heart for the first time.
Hannah, I love you and I want you back! I'M SORRY!
by teddybearforhannah July 17, 2011
An awesome country girl that loves to be her weird self and doesn't care what people think. With her crazy mixed with her fun there is no way you could say she's boring or even normal. She's just a small town girl living in a big world try to be herself not worrying about what people say. She is weird, crazy, fun, a best friend, not even close to normal person that loves who she is.
That weird and crazy girl in the hallway... Yeah she's a hannah.
by Crazy Girl 101 September 24, 2013
The most amazing girl anyone will ever meet! She's kind, smart, nice, BEAUTIFUL, dorky, and when it comes to relationships... She is the BEST F**king Girlfriend any guy could ever ask for! I got lucky she didn't take a liking to her ex boyfriends and I snagged her for myself. Her awesome attitude is fun to be around no matter who you are, and she is a dedicated, smart as hell, very beautiful well rounded person. Love you babe!
"That Hannah girl is a awesome person!"

"If you ever get a chance to meet this girl, your world will become 1000 times better!"
by Infamous Doper April 05, 2013
A pretty fucking sexy bitch who likes to laugh like there's no tomorrow. One day she will laugh so much that she will fucking implode with laughter. She be like "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHALOLLMAOLMFAOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH" BOOM! MOTHAFUCKIN EXPLOSION!!!!!!!!!!!
That Hannah just exploded. She looks like a nuke.
by Kreamy30 January 08, 2013
Hannah is an independent fun-loving girl. Though she's not the best at anything she's good at most. Hannah is the quiet shy type to people she doesn't know But once you get to know her you can't get her to shut up. Hannah loves to read and draw. Hannah is always thinking and very observant so when you're about to do something you don't want anyone to know about make sure she's not there though she most likely wont tell on you she will probably use it against you. Hannah is smart and gets many ideas from the books she reads. Overall Hannah is different
Person1- why is that girl so quiet
Person2- she's a Hannah she's thinking
by Allicia47 January 07, 2013
She will come off mysterious and shy at first. She is beautiful but denies it. All guys respect her but never know what to say. But when you get to know her she will be loyal, smart, funny, sweet, and loving. If you date her, she is serious about you. Many people simply say she shines because she is beautiful from the inside-out.
"Hannah is a true friend. She would never say anything behind your back!"

"You're #really pretty, Hannah."
"Oh my gosh thanks! That's so sweet of you."
"No, I'm serious. Like legit pretty."
by whycantihaveher November 08, 2012
A super hot girl who has brown hair and an amazing rack and butt. She can move her hips like a goddess! Shes old for her age but loves to flirt and talk dirty. If your her make you will get action but you gotta treat her right.
Gosh i'm so Lucky to have a Hannah as a girlfriend!
by pixelofink November 29, 2011

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