A GODDESS among mortals! Hannah is a beautiful, smart, funny human being who loves animals and takes the best pictures you will ever see in your entire life. At the beginning it's hard to wrap your head around how amazing she really is but once you do, you won't be able to get her off your mind!
Random Guy: I met Hannah yesterday, I don't think my life will ever be the same!
by Salty The Salamander August 15, 2016
A evil vile women from the pits of hell its self born to torment and belittle the male population.
Dude 1: he looks pretty sad man.
Dude 2: what happend?
Dude 1: he found out his gf was a hannah.
Dude 2: ouch i remember my first hannah.
by some6ftdude August 02, 2011
Is a loving and caring girl, who is always very bubbly. She is very beautiful, and is one of the funniest people you can meet. Hannah does fart a lot though, but she is almost never ashamed to let it rip no matter where she is. Hannah also has quite a large ass!
Boy - Hannah, did you fart?
Hannah - Yes! It was a good one!
by qwertyuiopppppplkjhgfdsaaazxcv November 14, 2012
Hannah is the coolest girl ever. She's funny, smart, witty, beautiful, thoughtful, and just all around the best girl ever. She can surprise you when you least expect it and pick you up when you're at your downiest of downs. She's super classy and highly fashionable, with her winter scarfs or summer open toe heels. She's friendly, a little hint of shy, super adorable, and her laugh is highly infectious. She rocks at the racing game at Chuck E Cheese and rightfully brags about it afterwards. Girls are super jealous of her and wish they were half as cool as her. The most awesome and gorgeous girl ever, even when she is picking her nose. She kicks ass in Zumba and can definitely teach you how to Dougie. She looks great in glasses and grandma hats. Literally the most interesting girl you will ever meet. In one word: perfect.
Did you see those heels that Hannah was wearing today? She could transfix anyone with those!
by chefzilla85 January 22, 2015
Hannah... a dumb broad (see defintion), that is fake, and is spoiled. Everyone hates her, even her friends. She can't hold onto a boyfriend because she's such a bitch. Someone who thinks shes hot shit but really shes just a nasty slut face with a shitty personality. Lives off of other peoples misery, and is very unturstworthy. The worst ones can be found in Clever, MO.
hank: dude i really need to get laid.
Joe: hold on let me call up hannah, i know she'd do ya.
Hank: no way man, my standards arent that low!
by I_got_yo_boyfriend_11 July 30, 2011
Immature, hypocritical, total tease. She'll lead every guy she knows on, and then claim that she hates other girls who do that. High-maintenance, will obsess about her looks, and will hurt nice guys who fall for her.
She's leading this guy on...

Who, Hannah?

by Damntimer July 06, 2011
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