1. The MOST beautiful woman to have ever existed.

2. A Dinosaur.
Example 1: Hannah is the most beautiful, funny, stylish, amazing girl in the world.

Example 2: Hannah: I'm going home to change.

Boy-Friend: Change into what?

Hannah: A dinosaur!
by Norm560 March 21, 2013
A Hannah can be a huge bitch, she tends to drink to much alcohol and black out and hit her head and end up in the ER. her favorite thing is to manipulate people and smoke fat sacks of MARIJUANA!she thinks she s always right and she usually is. but she can not lose so people let her win even when she loses.
by funnyguy121 December 31, 2013
A pretty girl who who you become friends with but 2 or 3 years later everything will change. She will steal your crush, try to beat you at everything, and is a backstabbing spoiled brat.
"Omg Sarah, April just totally starting flirting woth Jake"

"What else?"

"She also tried to turn Crystal and Amy against me"

"She sounds like a real Hannah to me"
by lolonedirection April 14, 2015
The definition of TACKY.
Hannah buys all her "diamond" jewelry from the dress up section at the $2 store. She adds every thirsty teenage boy on facebook so she can get likes on her nearly nude profile pictures which are captioned with quotes or ghetto song lyrics which just highlight the narcissism. Hannah generally just gives off very skanky vibes and literally smells like fish. No one really understands why she makes videos of half her face lip syncing to black people music while she does a cake face of un-blended makeup, but everyone does know that these videos are the causes of their suicidal thoughts and gastro. Hannah has developed a sense of jealousy as her twin made it to Hollywood and she was sadly rejected. Her twin Mr. James William Bottomtooth III is very popular on the hit tv show 'Family Guy' which has made Hannah quite up herself, to make herself feel better we assume.
After a night out Hannah will come home to 83 friend requests from thirsty teens.
by themotherfuckingqueen March 29, 2015
starts off being your best-friend that you would do anything for. After a year or so of knowing her she will start to talk shit about you behind your back and act as though you don't know it. Normally a very happy and energetic fellow. Very inappropriate most of the time! If your ever find a Hannah don't tell her any of your secrets or problems or else the whole town will her about it in an hour! She goes from guy to guy and says they like her when they don't.
Person 1:" Wow that bitch just stabbed me in the back!"

Person: " let me guess, was it Hannah?"

Person 1: "How did you know?"

Person: " Typical Hannah"
by barniclelicker69 January 10, 2015
A girl who gets unnecessary people involved in things and you can avoid her good side but not her bad. An awesome person but sometimes takes things too far and you just feel like you want to get rid of her.
Person: Hi.
Hannah: now your being an enemy to me

Person: wtf!?
Hannah: You're bullying me, I'm gonna tell my mommy on you.
Person: Bye, looser. No one likes you.
by Anna_4 October 24, 2014
A stuck up, self centered, physically mean and verbally mean, bitch. She is the rudest person in the world and doesn't care about other peoples feelings. She tends to be a blonde who looks a fucking unicorn on crack. She makes fun of others to make herself feel better. Some may say they like her but really everyone HATES her fucking guts. Maybe some Hannah's are kind but some deserve to be pushed down a 600 flights of stairs then land on the road while a metro city bus harshly runs her over twice.

She must know she acts like this but still carry's on.
"OMG run it's Hannah. Run before she stabs you!"
"Shes so mean, even to her best friend."
"I heard that her 'best friend' hates her guts secretly but is to afraid to tell her."
"Yeah, I heard that too."
by TheSmexiMuddahAshHo May 22, 2014
can be very nice at times but then the slightest mistake or misunderstanding and Hannah is off on one, she thinks everyone is out to get her, she becomes close friends with someone she doesn't like. Hannah is pretty but those duck lips babe, uh oh:( foundation lips is a no go but Hannah likes it, she's locked in 2010 when that was actually fasion-ew. Hannah is two-faced, inconsiderate of others, thinks the world evolves around her, she likes to think every boy she talks to wants her but she has no arse or boobs, hopefully that's just a matter of time before the appear. she doesn't like lesbians because she so small minded. OH AND SHE'S A SLUT :)
'dans got until the end of the week to sort us out, or ill be like you, getting with people and shagging people, no strings attached, just pure pleasure, would you shag me?:L'-Hannah
by lol@u_m8 April 14, 2013
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