1. The MOST beautiful woman to have ever existed.

2. A Dinosaur.
Example 1: Hannah is the most beautiful, funny, stylish, amazing girl in the world.

Example 2: Hannah: I'm going home to change.

Boy-Friend: Change into what?

Hannah: A dinosaur!
by Norm560 March 21, 2013
A deep, passionate girl who has self respect. Very graceful and believes in herself and others. Learns to be pretty calm and chill most of the time in serious situations, but if someone is hurting her or someone she loves, she will turn into complete defense and bitch mode. Loves animals and all living things. Down to earth and kind. May come on as shy at first, but give her a chance to be herself, because around her family and friends she's outgoing and talkative and is NOT afraid to be her weird self.
Enjoys music and sports. Very beautiful and gorgeous, but no matter how many times she's told that, she denies it.
Guy: "Damn, that girl Hannah is gorgeous and sweet. I want a Hannah!"

Girl: "She's so kind, I might wanna be her new best friend!"
by Lovergirlxx77 August 06, 2011
sexy ass woman who knows what a real man is. You'd be lucky to snatch up a Hannah cause she's down to earth and is honest and truthful, she doesn't like drama. She usually has brown hair and brown eyes naturally, definitely has a pretty face. Keeps it down to earth and you'll get aroused just by looking at her. If you meet one definitely take the time to know her and get to be her friend. Though don't start any drama cause she doesn't have a problem with dumping you. Parents of boys love her and she may come off as a good girl at first, but get to know her she can be a wild child...
Dang! Look at that Hannah, she turns me on.
WOW, what a good girl, hannah.
haha thats a horndog hannah
by sexybabymama September 27, 2010
Hannah's are very humble, they can hide a million tears behind one smile. They will do anything to lift peoples spirits. When you first meet her, shes quiet, polite, and will try to make you laugh. However when you get to know her, shes energetic, loud, and always laughing. Hannah's come across as very confident, but can be insecure at times. They often fall for their best guy friend, and they fall hard. Hannah's are also very pretty, and take very good care of their hair. Hannah's are also quite flirty. The name Hannah means Grace in Hebrew, however that can be off at time, for they can be the exact opposite. Hannah are also thought to be dumb, but they are very intelligent.
Hannah is smiling again
by IamMe987654321 October 23, 2011
A very beautiful girl who is a total clutz. Guys are all over Hannah's because of their charming personality. Hannah's aren't afraid of what people think of them. They are a bit shy at first, but get to know them because soon they're the most outgoing person you've met. Hannah's are also really talkative and they take an hour to tell a five minute story. Get to know a Hannah and you'll fall in love immediately :)
Girl 1: Who's your bestfriend?
Girl 2: My best friend's a Hannah
Girl 1: You're so lucky!
by rawrdinorawr January 15, 2011
A pretty fucking sexy bitch who likes to laugh like there's no tomorrow. One day she will laugh so much that she will fucking implode with laughter. She be like "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHALOLLMAOLMFAOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH" BOOM! MOTHAFUCKIN EXPLOSION!!!!!!!!!!!
That Hannah just exploded. She looks like a nuke.
by Kreamy30 January 08, 2013
Likes to eat all the cheese in your house and any other thing edible. And likes to SMA
Your that hungry, you must be a hannah!
by lucyfarted August 15, 2014
Probably the most beautiful girl ever.....

She may look mysterious but always has an amazing personality, isn't a slut unlike other girls, sexy and cute at the same time, Brunette, has the most angelic and sexy voice, the most innocent, mysterious, wide brown eyes that'll make your heart skip a beat.

She has the most exotic, smooth and the most silky hair running down her shoulders, delicate rosy red lips that make you feel wild over her and a cute little nose to top it all up.

She is always cheerful and optimistic about life, always makes you laugh, even if some of her jokes aren't funny, you can't help but laugh at them. She also has the most prettiest smile that warms up your heart.

She's a girl who you'd always hug or cuddle with, even when times are rough. And always knows how to have fun when the time is right.

Guy 1: Whoa, who's that fit bird?!?!?

Guy 2:Hannah.

Guy 1:FUCK!!! She's cute and sexy at the same time!!

Guy 2:She sure is!!

Guy 1:I guess I'll say HI to her.

Guy 2:Good luck man. Remember, it's a Hannah, just be yourself and she's all yours mate.
by Carguy412 November 03, 2012
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