1. The MOST beautiful woman to have ever existed.

2. A Dinosaur.
Example 1: Hannah is the most beautiful, funny, stylish, amazing girl in the world.

Example 2: Hannah: I'm going home to change.

Boy-Friend: Change into what?

Hannah: A dinosaur!
by Norm560 March 21, 2013
Hannah is a princess, you can't help but adore her amazing qualities. She has an amazing personality that everyone loves. She's extremely loving and kind hearted if you're dating this girl consider yourself a lucky man.. ;) Her tired voice is extremely sexy she's smart, funny, adorable, and just a cutie!!!! Her body is god like and she likes to have a good time :) <3
Wow that Hannah girl is so nice and cute!!! :)
by Wannabehannah July 25, 2012
an amazing girl who is in love with her best guy friend. She's smart, funny, pretty, and is really deep. she loves singing, dancing, acting, photography, and a lot more. Talk to a Hannah if you get the chance. they're amazing :]
Hannah is really a true role model!
a gorgeous girl that the guys love.
All those guys are hollering at that Hannah. Dammmmmmmn girl.
by Trishhhhh April 19, 2009
The only thing guys want. Very talented. And can be very naughty at times.
The only Hannah I get is from her friend.
by Jayceen October 02, 2011
A Hannah is someone, usually a brunette, who is funny, loving, and someone everyone usually loves to be around. A Hannah is a California girl.
"See that babe walkin on the beach over there?" "Yeah dude she's a total Hannah."
by Rman95 September 26, 2011
A very gorgeous, clever being that is super rad and can even fly! Often seen majestically flapping her wings above the clouds gracefully singing the song of her people. The epitome of what other females aspire to be and the gal boys are swoon by.
Have you noticed how crafty Hannah is? She is excellent with her hanners!

Honey, look up at the sky! The glorious winged Hannah is soaring above us!
by SudoBash July 17, 2012
The most Gorgeous girl in the world. Has an incredibly naughty side. Is very funny, nice, and sometimes sweet. Definitely a girl you would want to be with for the rest of your life!
"DAMMMNNN that girl is a Hannah!"
by Hannahlover1234 September 18, 2012

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