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A malay slang to express disgust/dislike on a person/thing/situation. Originally 'anjing' which means dog. Also spell/pronounce as 'hanjeng'. (Popular slang among malaysian gays.)
Hanjing lah kau! (You bitch!)
Air ni rasa macam hanjing! (This drink taste like shit!)
by hash January 23, 2004
Hanjing aka Hanny/Squirrel/Bambi/AuntieHan
Totally awesome and cute girl. Loves baking, reading, dancing, strawberries and desserts.
Hanjings are an extremely rare breed of women in the World, they are able to make your day

Alternative Definations : "Vegetarian girl, who is unbearably sweet and adorable. Has to have jetblack hair, baking ability of 129% and can bedazzle anyone"
Random Dude: "Who's that totally awesome girl over there?"
Another Random Dude: "Oh thats Hanjing"
by Mrdoggyisnice March 28, 2013

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