Hawaii's version of a gangster.

Hawaiian's that think they're hard and badasses when the rest of the world is just laughing at them
Ew, look at that hangster over there. Pathetic.
by crazyleaner April 23, 2011
Top Definition
This is word fusion that takes the words hippy and gangster to discribe those dreadlocked, baggy clothed, shabby, dirty, spin dancing folks that are deeply involved in drug and Grateful Dead culture, but not wanting to completely isolate themselves from modern culture, use gansta speak as their primary form of commuication.
Girl 1: Billy is such a fucking hangster ! When I brushed by him at their house he jumps up yellin' "Yo, yo, yo ! U be scetchin' my dreads ! Doan may me spin dance ova dare n git awl Rainbow Bear on yo ass !" then he says
"Now row me up 'n-otha one ah dose blunts wit dat fine ass cronic !" Whats up with that ?
Girl 2: Yeah! I don't know. Isn't he from like rural Vermont ? Like Manchester or Bromley or some-thing ???
by CritterGetter October 14, 2007
Youth hanging around causing small trouble.

Here in holland we have "hangjeugd".
groups of people hanging around causing small trouble.

but these groups are everywhere so it can be a global word

so the new way to indicate these youngsters that cause trouble is HANGSTERS a mix between the HANG part of "hangjeugd" and GANGSTERS.
"there are a lot of hangsters around that spot"

or maybe in a social study paper

"when will these hangsters turn into gangsters"
by mrtn September 24, 2007
A hung gangster; a gangster who is quite hung in any certain area. Hangsters may be associated with doing drugs and other vandilous activities such as robbing condom stores.
Sam: I am such a hangster!
Myself: *gangster
Sam: No.... I spelled it correctly... I am a hung gangster yo!
Myself: >_> <_<
by Mindle & SexySkinnyMan January 28, 2006
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