the act of quoting from the movie "The Hangover"..often done too much.
I put a quote from "the hangover" on my status and I got many comments, I was hangovering.
by georgie10796 June 02, 2010
Top Definition
getting really drunk and waking up intoxicated. trying to be normal but you're still fucked up from a few hours before. stomache hurt, headaches, unknown causes of cuts and brusies occur. drink shitloads of water, and get a big mac meal.
hangovering is drinkin' a few 40z, shots of cap'ns, a few stones, and a rack of corona. start drinking at 9:30, keep drinking till 1:00 am. get some rest, or pass out. which ever comes first
by benji matto June 24, 2007
Being drugged by your odd friend and then having the best freakin night of your life
Guy 1:" what in the world happened last night?"
Random drunk dude:" Dude, you were trippin' and I bet you were totally hangovering!"
by That ethan over there July 08, 2012
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