the day after the night out...!! normally spent finding out what actually happened the night before.
I have no idea... what happened last night I got a hangover....
by Hang-over King April 06, 2003
To fell very shity and have a bad head ache after a long night of being drunk.
Tom and I had bad hang overs
by tommy chester January 31, 2003
A female with bangin attributes in her figure such as a nice rack and booty, pretty face, nice thighs. She's a hangover cause she has Hennessy hips,
Grey Goose lips, she has a bubble like Crystal or Cognac thighs...a way of saying that girl has you caught up from her looks.
Damn that girl is a straight hangover..
by C-Dubs940 April 16, 2008
hang over........uhh why do they even call it a hangover they should call it a hang with cause its no where close to being over
i woke up and by golly gee willakers i was stuck with this damn hang with
by finch December 15, 2003
When a girl wears jeans that are way too tight for her, and the flab around her hips HANGS OVER the top of her jeans.
Dude, did you see that? That girl had a huge hangover.
by DJ Conan December 04, 2003
A totally nonexistent phenomenon. Supposedly occurs after a night heavy drinking. It is, however, entirely psychological. People who get hangovers are weak, they are just tired.
Believe you don't have a hangover, and you won't have one.
Martin: "Aw man, I've got a really bad hangover."

Me: "Quit fucking moaning, it's all psychological."
by timothythetim December 18, 2006
To hang with friends or party at your house.
Daisie:"Wanna have a hangover?"
Xavier:"Yeah,Lemme invite my friend doe."
by Definitions IDK July 28, 2016
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