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the shit you take when you have a hangover that cures it. it weirdly works
I had to puke for like 3 hours but then i took a hangover shit and i felt better
by Mr Suzuki April 28, 2011
A shit you take when you're hungover. It is often a hybrid between diarrohea and a solid shit and smells pretty fucking bad.
guy 1: Hey man, you were so wasted last night.

guy 2: Yeah man, I feel so hungover.
guy 1: I feel good man, I just had a hangover shit
by thegreenlight September 19, 2013
When you are very hung over and you have alcohol induced diarrhoea
Awww man I woke up today and ran straight to the toilet hangover shits everywhere!
by cocolover March 30, 2015
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