When a man hangs upside down and recieves a blow job.
Jason was hanging from the monkeybars when he got his first Hanging Chad.
#blow job #florida #voting #bush #gore #eating dick #upside down #blowing #jason #spencer
by R Spence B September 22, 2007
Top Definition
A piece of poop from the main poop that clings to the inside cheek and refuses to fall into the toilet. Failure to knock off the chad with profuse shaking of the buttox can result in the person to have to "wipe down" the chad causing a hell of a wiping session.
Jim tried to push out that extra dookie but failed, resulting in a nasty hanging chad that he couldn't knock loose.
#poop #feces #hanging chad #chad #toilet paper
by John Hasselman August 12, 2007
A key part of the US electorial system.
The hanging chads swung the vote in favour of GW Bush
by black flag May 31, 2004
A bowel movement with the consistency of clay that clings to the side of one's crack.
Ron's failure to properly clear that Hanging Chad led to chaffing, an offensive odor, buzzing flies, and eventual abandonment.
#chad chode #a chadlagtite #a chad chunk #chad stain #sac smear
by Doug Lpd December 03, 2006
When a singular testicle escapes one's undergarments.
Man, that package readjustment left me with a major hanging chad!
#testicle #balls #hanging #underwear #escape
by Hamil$tein October 17, 2006
Any human excrement that hangs from ones body tenaciously, esp. Mucus.
John came in from the snow storm and had a hanging chad drooping off of his nose.
#dangling dan #snot shot #snot rocket #snot #hanging bm
by Peter Shenyé June 09, 2008
1. A person who accompanies another to a social gathering, then proceeds to cling to said other person while they try and mingle. 2. A person who cannot take a hint. 3. Cockblock
"hey man, don't bring Billy to the party, he's a punk ass hanging chad"
#loser #cockblock #dork #gloiven #nerd
by Jephrey June 01, 2006
An annoying person who tries to be your friend and follows you around.
"Tell that hanging chad to fuck off please"
by Shinku August 28, 2005
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