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when you are having sex on all fours
"oi dave what did you do this weekend"?
"well Al, i was on a knobout round my mates gaff and i was terrorising this bird, and there i was hanging out the back of it when my mate burst in" !!
" i said you know i looked good hanging out the back of it though init"!!
by im the daddy October 29, 2006
I hung out the back of your mama last night!
by Paddy October 21, 2003
"Hang out the back of" to fuck someone from behind
"I'd love to hang out the back of that"

Davy: "My burd is on holiday in ibiza, do you think she will get up to anything?"

Rab: "Your kidding someone will be hanging out the back of her"
by Rodehard August 21, 2008
a girl with an ass so fat that it protrudes below her shorts or skirt and sometimes pants.

an ass so big you can set your drink on it tabletop
that girl's ass was hanging out the back so far she got carpet burn on her ass cheeks.

it was sweet going to the club with her, because she could hold my drink on her ass the was hanging out the back
by MurryG May 01, 2005

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