like saying got'em or owened to someone.
yo cam got dumped by christina and got a d on his test. hangin.
by l-nice June 30, 2006
Top Definition
Hungover from the effects of alcohol
I'm hangin. I had six pints and eight shots, ate a kebab and puked my ring
by Smiaras May 06, 2004
could be a male or female who is not to a persons liking. This is usually because the person is basically ugly (fat,spotty..)
This saying is usually used by chavs as it is slang
Chav - Look at her, she's hangin'
by Ema Xiaoyu December 29, 2005
when a female has hugh breast or big ass that they are hanging them down
Pam Anderson is hangin'.
by Shawn the Baller March 13, 2010
A cock, originated for Hanging Rock which rhymes with Cock
Oi, this guy loves the whoppin hangin
by Joe Diz October 12, 2007
A seriously ugly lookin female, usually overweight with large sagging tits & bad dress sense.
IE. the fat is 'hangin' off her
'look at the state of her'
'fuck me, that's hangin!!!!'
by Juz R May 28, 2005
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