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A hanger is a latcher, a person who latches on almost shadow like. Always after a free ride.
"He’s a bad hanger"
"I wish that hanger would fuck off"
by Pabzs April 01, 2008
When a chick goes to the bathroom on a night out and leaves toilet paper stuck in her ass/pants so it hangs out the bottom of her dress
Guy 1: Hey, look at that hot chick, I'm getting her number
Guy 2: Wow hold up, look, she's got a hanger, not very classy...
by GiveHerTheWelly August 12, 2012
Tittys that are so big and/or lacking the muscletone to not sag, thereby letting the nipples point to magnetic south.
Becky has some nice boobs, but they are hangers.
by Norkaguy January 24, 2009
Means something is really cool, awesome, interesting, or good.
Damn, that's fucking hanger dude!!

This is really hanger man, thanks.

Damn, you see that hanger ass chick walk by!!
by Cash Money Fade August 06, 2011
A small piece of shit that hangs on your ass and when you go to wipe, you realize it hasn't fallen and makes wiping a real mess.
I spent extra time wiping my ass because there was a hanger that didn't fall into the bowl.
by kyzrsze January 12, 2011
A closeted homosexual. Think about it...where do you keep your hangers?

In the closet. EXACTLY
"My gaydar tells me that guy is a hanger"
by MJAY June 25, 2005
Noun. An unfinished handjob that leaves the recipient hanging without the release of orgasm. Word is not gender specific.
We were crazy making out on the couch—she was working my cock like a Shakeweight. Then her phone rang, and it was her sister with a flat tire. So, she had to go. Left me with a hanger that would kill Ron Jeremy.
by slegotoo January 22, 2011