Another word for a "handjob". It is normally used by tools trying to describe to his tool friends what sexual pleasures he recieved. This is generally used by middle school "bros" who are too immature to know what oral sex is.
Andrew:"Hey man my 13 year old girlfriend gave me the handy dandy last night."
John: "Tiiiiiigggghhhhttttt brrrooo.. jealoussss"
by me8576 October 20, 2009
Top Definition
This is when a guy holds up a hand mirror so his lady can watch her self give him oral sex. Some women get super aroused from doing this.
"Susan asked to me to do a handy dandy so she could just as aroused as me."

"She smirked when I mentioned that she didn't clean off the man milk from the mirror the last time we did a handy dandy."
by big jai jai November 20, 2014
short form for a handy-capped person.
The handy-dandy went flying down the stairs in his wheelchair.
by Saccait November 28, 2006
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