Handy- means to be handycapped or be doing a skechy move to someone
man vezina's handy, are you hanging out tongiht? no im hanging with the girlfriend. thats handy
by The-Mac December 07, 2007
handy means when someone is acting handicaped
zach you are so HANDY
by Jason March 12, 2005
The depots carpentier. Handy is known for his wry humour, strict authoritarian leadership, and of course, he makes "the bess boxes outside of la belle province". He is also known for his knack at getting the Jacque de Jour, which is in ze gap (between his teets)
Handy, can you make me a wooden box for my guitar case. Your work is good stuff
by Dr Sofwood December 02, 2004
small skinny and like to suck on the cock
by GOD October 17, 2003
Small Skinny and likes to suck on animals cocks
by GOD October 17, 2003
European slang for Cellular Telephone
While I'm out, you can reach me on my handy.
by Vengo March 25, 2003

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