An adorable beaver from Happy Tree Friends who has no hands (or paws, for that matter)
He is a construction worker who usually gets upset when he can't do something requiring his hands...
Handy tried to open the door, but he couldn't because of his hands
by Tamama2 May 16, 2009
When a person walks on a cross walk when the red hand is up. A handy can only be comited twise. Plural:Double Handy
When I drove past Reserve Street I saw a young man commit a Handy.
by TacoSaurus69 February 09, 2011
just like a ham sandwhich but more flabby
Mr.conaghan wants to lick haileys big handy
by handy lovers November 16, 2007
Essentially a handjob except for a handy is often quick and on the sly. Ejaculation may or may not occur on the female, depending on the location recieved. In order to have a "sick handy" one must both turn down a BJ or sex in exchange for the handy, and must also bust a load directly onto the female in excess of 3 oz's of manjuice.
Dr D got a sick handy from some bitch with a sideways puntang last night.
by Vlad and Don P July 10, 2006
Someone who is good at fighting and will most likely fuck you up
That guy is fucking handy with his fists, he'd most likely kick the shit out of you
by Squigglybob May 09, 2008
To be good with a gun: a sharpshooter, for instance, could be classified as handy
Curley, a character from Of Mice and Men, was defined as handy due to his natural ability to shoot a gun well
by SWFC August 10, 2006
Being pysically inpared
"Look.. its a handy person"
by Jiovani August 20, 2006

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