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a mix of "handles" and "cobra" originated from a forum user typing "my car handles better than a cobra" and instead skipping over and getting "my car handlobraes better than a c"

HA HA I'm Handlobreaseing!!!!!1
by susan July 06, 2003
What happens when some monkey can't type and screws up a simple word like "handling". Often used by homosexuals to identify one another.
My car handlobrae better than your car, cause it's a civic and teh civic can never lose.
by OT June 06, 2003
1 : to handle and break a vehicle.
2 : the handlebars of a bicycle
4 : to act on or perform a required function with regard to
My car handlobraes worse than an '03 Cobra.
by DZ187 June 02, 2003
Handles; handling
"My Honda 2000 handlobraes so fuckin tight in da twistiez y0!"
by wizurd June 02, 2003
A method of turning a motorcycle, refers to counter steering.
Handlobrasing is essential when turning a motorized bike at high speeds.
by Anonymous June 02, 2003
The act of drifting your car in way that is too fast, too furious.
My car handlobraes better than yours.
by vtac June 09, 2003
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