Adj - Having bowel issues so severe that they interfere with your normal life functions at the moment.
"I want to go out with my friends tonight, but I can't leave the toilet because I'm having severe diarrhea. I'm officially handicrapped.
by PSAforhandicrappedpeople June 29, 2012
Top Definition
When you sit on the toilet for way to long and your legs fall asleep, making it difficult to walk for a short period of time.
"I almost fell over after that hour long deuce drop, I was officially handicrapped."
by johnny catastrophe January 18, 2012
When you have to shit so bad, you can't move
Dude, Bruce just had a super stuffed burrito from chipotle and now he's handicrapped
by Thefilthygoose August 25, 2015
When you have to crap so bad that you need a toilet NOW, and nothing else matters.
I'm sorry I stiff-armed your grandma on my way through, but I was handicrapped.
by Rex Morningside April 10, 2015
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