Function: noun
Pronunciation: hand-'jI-n&
Inflected Form(s): plural hand·gi·nae /-(")nE /; or -nas
Etymology: Latin

1. Any of several putrid odors found to waft from the inside of any variety of gloves or mittens. Commonly associated with winter sports. (i.e snowboarding)
Dude, there's no way I'm putting on your mittens, as your handgina smells like a fart puked up a turd.
by The Drewish September 05, 2006
Top Definition
Male masturbation; what a loser uses as a substitute for the vagina he never gets.
That fat bastard Dave always talks about all the girls he gets up in, but all he ever really gets is handgina.
by Fredo's da bomb! September 30, 2003
When two fifth grade boys unite their hands together to take turns separating their hands to reveal the likeness of a vagina.
Wow that handgina looks almost like the real thing! HEHE!!
by thecreepingdemon May 06, 2009
The little flab of skin in between your thumb and pointer finger.
I was reading the paper, and I got a paper cut on my handgina.
by Manlady February 09, 2015
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