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the swift grabbing of another boy's pectoral muscle, the male titty. Not necessarily confined to men, but its more funny that way. Can be used in multiple contexts
"dude, gimme a handful!"
"NO, get OFFFFFFFF me!"

"Lets go handfulling tonight!"

"I handful-assaulted that dude in class today"
by BrownFury February 05, 2008
8 26
Rough unit of measurement for the female breast. Often utilized when proposing the cutoff point at which larger breasts should no longer be considered more desirable than smaller ones - the ideal between too small and too large. There are three main schools of thought: that more than a handful (an apple) is a waste, that more than two handfuls (a cantaloupe) is a waste, or that more than three handfuls (a melon) is a waste.
-More than a handful is a waste. Any bigger, and they're less perky, and get saggy with age.
-Nah, too small. The best tits have you cumming buckets when you fuck them, but aren't so big that they're much longer than they are wide. Two handfuls is perfect.
-If I can't completely smother my dick between a pair of tits, they're too small. Three handfuls is best.
by JasperDee August 18, 2010
51 25
More than eight (8) of any objects, picked up in a hand.
Dave: Goddammit, I said a handful of marshmallows, not 8!!
by Olufem December 15, 2012
5 5
the number five on a scorecard
"What'd you get on that last hole?"
"A handful"
by thickduff December 20, 2004
19 34
used to describe testicles of quite decent size.
Sarah: So, are his big, small, what? Like, golf ball sized, or ping pong balls?

Jane: I don't know about all that, but they're a good handful.
by itsmeduhhh338 April 13, 2009
8 31