A boyfriend or girlfriend who is clingy or possessive or follows their boyfriend/girlfriend around all the time (including those that constantly text to 'see what you are up to' in other words check up on you)
"Steven follows me around all the time but seriously, I have a handbag and I don't need any more accessories" Said Kylie.
"I can see how this is going to go" replied Sara "He's a total handbag"
by Sofaqueen March 02, 2008
Someone who spends so much time in the sun they look like a leather handbag.
Did you see that handbag that just walked by? your grandma is a total handbag.
by girtby March 30, 2006
the female equivalent of tool.
A: What about Inez?
B: Well, It's not that I hate her, but she's just such handbag.
by the revolution never happened March 29, 2006
:noun: companion for outing or social occasion.
specifically: studly,butch,aussie, always willing to accompany a bangin' babe to theater, coffeehouse, bar or event of bangin' babes choosing.
Outing with handbag almost always involves some miscommunication over who gets to open the door for whom.
Wonder Woman had a spare ticket to the theater and Cuntstable McPhister offered to be her handbag.
by FURNACE March 05, 2005
a) An insult used out of sheer frustration,
b) An insult used to someone who possesses a ridiculous haircut.
c) An insult which is used when someone cannot stop holding their hair.
a) James: "Why aren't you using DIV tags?"
John: "Why don't you get a real haircut you handbag?"

b) John: "Nice haircut, handbag!"

c) James: "Oh, I just love stroking my hair all day!"
John: "Stop holding your hair you fucking handbag!"
by ElJManious May 25, 2009
Derives from trying to type "Hahaha" with Swype on a touchscreen smart phone. The term is flexible and can be appended with other additions, such as "holy handbags" or "Oh my handbags."
Holy handbags, I just saw a homeless dude chug a whole bottle of MD 20/20, then grab his junk.
by Scooteronomy December 03, 2010
The same as saying "BURN" or "Zing!" after someone has a good come back or joke at anothers expense.

It is usually followed by a gesture of slamming your two fists together so they look like you're holding a little handbag.
"Doesn't this dress look nice on me?"
"If by nice you mean really really ugly"

"oooooh Handbag!"
by Julia Callahan August 26, 2004
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