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When couples are in a social setting and feel it is improper to make out, hand sex occurs. Hand sex is being very sexual with another person using only the hands and fingers. Usually includes stroking and caressing of each other’s hands. Although seemingly discreet, it can still generate much uncomfortable-ness when done in a social setting. Incidentally, hand sex almost never happens in private.
Brian, stop having hand sex with your girl! It's just weird, man.
by Assessment January 04, 2004
When a couple holds hands passionately. Usually involves some weird movement of the hands. Most of the time the two don't realize they're having hand sex until one notices. for example:
"what are our hands doing?" "I dont know" "It looks like they're on acid!!"

"hey hand... lets smoke something then rub up against each other"
J:"So,what'd you and jhett do tonight"
B:"Oh nothing, just had some hand sex while we listened to Zeppelin. Why, what did you and Jenna do?
J:"....same thing, but.... well we'll just leave it at that"
B:"HA! sure, sure... w/e"
by Betheckles June 02, 2006
sitting side by side, holding hands and rubbing fingers typically illustrated in movie theaters, cars, etc.
Kristofer grabbed my hand during the movie, locked fingers, and started having hardcore handsex.
by lafonda29 July 24, 2005
The act of grasping one's cock with a kung fu grip while thrusting one's pelvis until climax. Handsex differs from normal masturbation since the practitioner must engage in autoerotic thoughts or watch tranny porn while reaching orgasm.

JNN wanted to have some Handsex but couldn't find his copy of chicks with dicks III, so he had too rub while staring intently into his mother's make up mirror.
by KingSnizzle September 01, 2006
to use your hand to manipulate your genitals for sexual pleasure; to masturbate
I just had handsex while watching Dirty Debutantes 24
by johnnynoname January 19, 2006
While holding hands making gestures that involves both party's hands. Is exciting for both people when you cant make out or touch each other any other way, especially when others are around.
Me:Today I was in the back seat of Drew's car and he was in the front passenger seat and all we could do was have hand sex!

Mindy: What?! Tell me about it!

Me: Well, he was making very suggestive gestures about sex and what was on his mind, it happened to be on my mind as well!

Mindy: What is fun?

Me: Yes, I was getting very turned on and so was he! I couldn't wait to get out of the car!
by G-thang, b-thang May 12, 2010
where you have sex with your hands minus the touching of the basically holding hands and stuff....but not touching any umm ya know...
me and tristan had hand sex last night!! it was magical... :D
by monalie June 21, 2005
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