Another word for gay/homosexual.
Boy1: Oh my gosh, i love your neon short shorts!
Boy2: Oh..well i love you.
Boy1: You know im not hand..right?
Boy2: oh.. this is awkward.
by Omgxlindsey?! March 28, 2009
A Neshaminy term made by Vince referring to the number 5
How much money do you have one you?
Oh, I only have a hand
by Counter-Culture Superheroes January 22, 2007
Hands are what you use to masturbate, you sick bastard.
"Did you watch that porno last night? I almost broke my hands and cummed all over the place."
"You sicken me..."
by Julian Mark Peter Bungard December 01, 2007
When a friend goes to the bathroom, wish them well with: Have A Nice Dump
Howard: Hey Man, H-A-N-D
Larry: Thanks Dude
by OKd For Ballot January 16, 2006
dirty hands that are red and wrinkling, lower area of the humanbody
justin had a dirty hands!
by Chris Macedo April 06, 2004
used in the place of any other slang word espescially the word cool.
That's so hand.
That's not hand.
by Deon1 November 06, 2006
Abbreviation for 'Have a nice day'.
Person #1 texts: Okay. H.A.N.D
Person #2 texts: Don't tell me what to do!
by foundthesecretdoor October 13, 2015

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