The accronym for "Have A Nice Day"
Jimmy "See ya Greg...HAND"

Greg "Hand?"

Jimmy "Have A Nice Day"
by Peter Alexander August 13, 2008
A term used in graffiti referring to a quick tag that does not involve bubble letters or anything complicated.
Dude, did you see his hand on the side of the school?
by Ian-- December 18, 2005
A kind of arm foot.
My ass has finally decided to eat my hand! It hungers... for more!!!
by nzuri March 13, 2012
The second best friend a penis will ever have. For the first, see the defenition: vagina.
I gots not bitch just me an' muh ma f*ckin hand. w0rd!
by SamRoe May 06, 2008
You say HANDS when someone basically says something wrong, and when you do say HANDS then you get to slap that person in the hand. But if they say NO HANDS then you don't slap them. - Fun to play anywhere.
Teacher: We are going to learn about math today.
Student 1: Did she say we were gonna learn about math tomorow?
Student 2: NO! I'm pretty sure she said today, HANDS!
by BG SHYBOY September 28, 2006
Have a Nice Day. Common sign-off at the end of a tech support forum post, often used in conjunction with HTH. Also used (ineffectively) to placate those for whom no help is available.
REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE: "My computer is dead! The mouse won't move and the screen is black!"

FAILURE TO PROVIDE: "Your computer is dead! HTH, HAND!"
by The BOFH Supremacy July 17, 2010
Had A Nice Day
-An acronym
H.A.N.D. in NYC.
by uniquelyoody January 15, 2010

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