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The second best friend a penis will ever have. For the first, see the defenition: vagina.
I gots not bitch just me an' muh ma f*ckin hand. w0rd!
by SamRoe May 06, 2008
the part on your body at the end of your arms with fingers that you type with dumbass!
My hands are cold!
by coca October 31, 2003
The ability to catch a football very easily, and barely ever drop it no matter the difficulty.
Randy Moss has hands dawg.
by Kevin M. M November 30, 2006
a substitute for sex used in masturbation
gettin with my hand tonite
by handnhand December 03, 2004
In human females, a nail support.
In human males, a nut scratcher.
In drunk humans, a cup holder.

In humans in general, antonym of foot.
In non-human primates, synonym of foot.
"Dude, you're sitting on my hand"
"Shut up, I know."
by Fosterpython January 08, 2009
A person who can catch a football easily or exceptionally well.
Have you seen Brandon, that boy has some "hands."
by somedudeeee April 16, 2009
A dismissive signoff in online forum postings. Acronym for Have A Nice Day.
(at the end of a post picking apart someone's argument)
So, STFU, H-A-N-D.
by Not-Croaker March 08, 2006
1. Object of masturbation.
2. Object of mooseterbation.
3. Something that performs tasks.
Dont use your head for it, I'll use my hand!
by Werther September 23, 2002