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Noun, one who is obsessed with holding hands and is constantly doing so. Not only with their boy/girlfriend but with anything near them, even a car door.
Damn, that girl is such a hand whore, she wouldn't let go of my hand all period.

Ugh, will you look at them, such hand whores, save it for your dates.
by handwhorehater December 01, 2009
Female who masturbates constantly with her hand.
Female masturbator who does not require toys.
1. That hand-whore never goes out with guys because she's always home takin' care of business by herself.

2. He divorced her because she's such a hand-whore and never gave up the pussy.

3. That hand-whore is always droppin' books, so she never needs a man's affection. She just goes to the library all day long.
by Spyboy Pseudodelic December 20, 2011
Someone who likes to hold hands with people. Isn't a form a cheating, but a way for someone to joke around with friends or flirt. Not to be taken seriously at all.
"haha your such a handwhore!"
by thatgirl233 January 18, 2010

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