When you rub a girl's vagina with your hand outside of the her underwear, but inside her pants.
"I couldn't finger her because her parents were in the front seat. So I just gave her a hand sandwich."
by Jason Lemmon March 14, 2008
Top Definition
The handshake for which the shaker, sandwiches the shakee's hand between his/her two hands, the shaker tilts his/her head, and says something comforting.
John's dad just got hit by a car, so I gave him a comforting hand sandwich.
by SluseFAK December 01, 2007
n., when you have all of the ingredients for a sandwich, except bread, so you just eat the components out of your hand
I just took a giant hit from the bong and got the munchies, but the bread was moldy, so I had to eat a hand sandwich.
by Webster Papadopolous July 13, 2004
This is where you are holding hands with someone, and one person encloses the held hands with their free hand, thus creating a sandwich of the hands.
Friend: So he held your hand?
You: Yeah, we made a hand sandwich
by Le Snaz Meister January 11, 2015
Hand sandwich.

Verb or noun.

Verb, the act of masturbarion. Begin with the right hand (I.E. the daily bread.) throw in some meat and finish with a little mayonnaise.


The end result of masturbating. Although edible it is not always recommend, kind of like spam.
Verb. After a long and unsatisfying day James decided to finish it up with a little hand sandwich.


After an epic night at the bar James fed sally his hand sandwich.
by Deaftoboybands January 20, 2016
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