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a game in which you wave your open hands around in a circular fashion repeatedly until utter exhaustion. Can be played with up to ten players. Touching is not allowed.
Let's play handjams with this lovable nearby bear!
by Thom_Dorke October 23, 2010
5 0
The art of hack coders manually stuffing their crappy fixes into websites through improper means.
That loser completely handjammed those masterpage edits!
by D-Dubw June 20, 2011
3 1
To exert unnecessary effort, causing undo stress or possible nerve damage to the hand in order to perform a task manually, instead of using readily available sources of technology or mental telepathy.

Anything that is written on paper which causes undo exertion of wrist and hand muscles by using a pen or pencil, as opposed to being typed into an electronic form or dictated to an assistant to then be typed into an electronic form.
Tony was unable to call Larry, because he could not read the phone number that Larry hand jammed on a piece of paper.

Tracey sprained her wrist from hand jamming addresses on Christmas cards instead of printing out labels.
by Kellierae February 09, 2011
6 7