A beasty saxophone player in a Jazz Band.
Known for soloing.

Derived From Hansel.
Dang, he solo's good! He must be Hansolo.
by hansizzle June 19, 2009
To smoke a blunt or joint to yourself. Han Solo is a character from the hit movie trilogy Star Wars. I like to think that when i take a blunt to the head a nigga will be right up in space on his level!
Man 1: Yo cuz, what you bout to do with that weed.
Man 2: Shit man you already know, i'm bout to Han Solo this bitch, and you or anybody else aint gettin' nothin!
*Blows smoke in face*
by Whocares111 September 14, 2011
A large thick winter coat with a fur lined hood. Similar to Han Solo's coat from the beginning of Empire Strikes Back (When he rescues that faggot Luke Skywalker).
John: "Ah man it's fuckin Peearl Harbour out here today"

Dave: "Maybe for you man, but I got my Han Solo on. I'm fuckin boiling"
by ronaldo99 December 16, 2009
Refers to beer pong. The cup closet to you on the opponents team is referred to as "han solo" If you call Han Solo and make it into a cup other than the one closest to you and in front, it doesn't count.
Person on team 1-"Hey I call Han Solo"
*makes it into back cup*
Person on team 2-"I think you meant Han NOlo"
by Roseparade December 02, 2008
Other than the character in Star Wars played by Harrison Ford, it could also mean a secretive way to explain masturbation.
Dude i Han Soloed all of last night.
by browntrousers February 21, 2009
When you have to drop a duece real bad, and it comes out in one large clean turd and only takes one wipe of the crack. One turd and one wipe, hence han solo.
Juan: All that chinese food made me sick, i blew it up and left skidmarks everywhere!

Mark: That shit filled me up too, luckily when i went to drop a duece i had a han solo.
by the wopfather May 12, 2008
(n.) getting something on sale.
(n.) Cheap ass liquor i.e. Everclear, Jim Beam...Etc Etc.
(n.) Smooth operator...i.e. Bill Clinton, Octavian, Toucan, Gumball, J-Boy, and DJ Dodi Da from P?M.
"I got this shit on Han Solo, Son!"

"I'm drinking Han Solo tonight."

"This girl ain't know she in for some Han Solo shit."
by Ox Vox April 06, 2008

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