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A type of sex (or more precisely attempt of sex) occuring between two fat people. Typically the guy is originally on top, until the rolling inevitably occurs. More awkward temptatives usually follow but all inevitably fail due to belly barrier presence.
Fat Him and Fat Her during hamster sex sexsion: "here, try again!" "here where???" "left, move to the left" "here?? oh yes here!" "no no thats my donuts!!"
by B^B December 27, 2009
When a person fills their bedroom or car with newspaper shreddings and then proceeds to have sex with someone in it.
Tom: I had hamster sex last night.
Tony: That's weird and gross.
Tom: Thank you.
by Mom!TheMeatloaf! August 16, 2011
The art of hamster fucking
Nghia Loves him some hamster sex.

Nghia crammed his dick in the hamster so hard, the hamster nearly exploded.
by Shouji August 31, 2006
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