A type of jamb good for propagating daffodils
All the best daffodils come out of hamster jam
by Wilber September 26, 2003
a dirty little hairy rat that shits all over your counch and dies 2 days after purchase.
Kid: I want a hamster for christmas!
Me: You stupid fag, go shove that rat up your ass.
by Bubba_The_Retard November 15, 2006
Girl with a flat chest.
Oh come on Heather, you're more of a Hamster then me!
by Moitoi March 21, 2005
In relation to the very first definition of Hamster, all Hamsters are evil. They are minions of Satan, and a Superior Race. This is proved due to their evil, homosexual deviant behavior. They are minions, but not as Cows are. Hamsters know all, see all.
You know what? You need to Ph34r them. Seriously. Or they will 0wn j00r ass.
by Leiko October 09, 2004
your virginity; ur non sex life
" i dont know what happend, i was sitting in the kitchen, and the next thing i know.. i lost my hamster with my mom!"
by Elmo March 15, 2005
A rodent, expensive food for my German shepherd
I catapulted my hamster over 124 yards.
by Superdude November 18, 2004

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