The new "dawg"; a buddy or friend.
Wut up, hamster? Come to my crib and chill wit the biatches, word.
by Anonymous January 23, 2003
A girl with an extremely narrow vaginal passage, also known as 'tight'. Hamster's are not virgins, and no amount of 'stretching' will change the diameter of the 'Hamster'.
Steve: I was nailing this girl last night, my dick almost got stuck, she was a God damn Hamster!'.
by Leah K April 18, 2008
A fly chick. Simular to the usage of "dime piece."
"Yo Son, I had this HAMSTER back in the day - she was fly as hell kidddd."
by mick March 10, 2004
>skateboarder slang meaning "fuck", usually used as an exclamation
>also refers to an evil, fluffy creature that likes to run around in a little plastic ball and get eaten by your dog
"Hamster! Mike just jack-knifed on that kicky back noseblunt!"
"Dude, that's my hamster! Get it out of your pants!"
by sarah August 07, 2004
a nickname for a very pointy haired, pointy nosed drummer who isn't very nice and has a high pitched-ish voice. best friends include a guitar player resembling a cross eyed rabbit and a very nice bassist slightly resembling a mouse.
Did you see hamster today? He was being such an ass, I just wanted to be like 'yo, your nose is way too pointy.'
by x0als0x December 07, 2005
I small fine-haired animal of Class Rodentia commonly associated with hamster milk products. Known well to highclass chefs, hamster cream cheese is an expensive and rare delicacey.

vb. to hamst
adj. hamstish
adv. hamstishly
The hamster hamsted hamstishly.
by Deathicus August 29, 2004
A type of jamb good for propagating daffodils
All the best daffodils come out of hamster jam
by Wilber September 26, 2003

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