An extra planar being failing to mimic the far superior Guinea Pigs. Their mind powers fall short of the greater cavy, and they often go into a rage when they fail at their prime task of mind controlling humans. Beware their bite, as they sometimes will not release until death. Hamsters will only die if there is a possibility it would inconvenience a human.
If you fear for your life from a Hamster, seek out the shelter of the superior and more benevolent Guinea Pig.
by fred-of-fred December 30, 2004
A slang word, used instead of "good" or "great." Thought to originate in Hull.
"I'm 'amster, mate."
by Jamie McGarry April 16, 2004
The new "dawg"; a buddy or friend.
Wut up, hamster? Come to my crib and chill wit the biatches, word.
by Anonymous January 23, 2003
A girl with an extremely narrow vaginal passage, also known as 'tight'. Hamster's are not virgins, and no amount of 'stretching' will change the diameter of the 'Hamster'.
Steve: I was nailing this girl last night, my dick almost got stuck, she was a God damn Hamster!'.
by Leah K April 18, 2008
A fly chick. Simular to the usage of "dime piece."
"Yo Son, I had this HAMSTER back in the day - she was fly as hell kidddd."
by mick March 10, 2004
>skateboarder slang meaning "fuck", usually used as an exclamation
>also refers to an evil, fluffy creature that likes to run around in a little plastic ball and get eaten by your dog
"Hamster! Mike just jack-knifed on that kicky back noseblunt!"
"Dude, that's my hamster! Get it out of your pants!"
by sarah August 07, 2004
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