A person who is afflicted with amateur radio disease. Often is delirious and talks in Morse code. Weaves all over the road in a vehicle that looks like a porcupine.
Look at that guy parked in front of that green traffic light and talking to himself. He must be a hamster!
Slang term for blacks in a jailhouse.
Look at all dem hamsters in the cage.
by Moe Foe March 19, 2005
A word to describe the blacks, pertaining to their enjoyment of ham and other nigger eats.
Look at the hamsters lined up around the corner for the Grand Opening of that new Fried Chicken Joint.
by King O'Strokos July 19, 2008
an act performed during a sexual intercourse, when a female partner takes the scrotum into the mouth and her distended cheeks resemble hamster?s stuffed cheekpouches
When she grabbed my dick and started licking my nut sack, I had no doubt she was going for the hamster and my balls will soon end up on her tonsils.
by zryty December 16, 2004
Term commonly used to describe low class people ie. white trash, nigs, and spics, scurrying about in their pointless, waste of space lives.
Look at all the hamsters at Walmart today!

You wanna go to the mall today and check out all the hamsters?
by Warrior Princess October 24, 2007
Hamster or hamsters is another way of describing people of a race other than your own. Since hamsters come in all different colors..it works no matter how you want to use it.
That has to be the darkest group of hamsters I've ever seen....or.... That hamster is so white he makes an albino look tan. I used the word the best I can...but be creative!
by Alwayz Talented March 15, 2006
The cageing of blacks in a prison that resembles hamsters in a cage.
Rahway prison is full of freakin hamsters.
by Moe Foe March 30, 2005
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