another way of saying "pussy" , "twat" , "cunt" and good old vagina
guy1: hey dude where were you last night i was waiting for you in town
guy2: sorry i was busy nailing some girls hamster
guy1: wow was she good
guy2: nah she wouldn't suck on my twong
#hamster #vagina #pussy #twat #penis
by mingefringe360 December 29, 2009
A female who is poor at oral sex.
She went down on me like a hamster on a water bottle.
#blo job #head #chicken head #facial #deep throught
by Big Daddy E September 29, 2009
(verb): To walk on a health club's treadmill for a prolonged period in an attempt at losing weight. Less commonly it can refer to running on the treadmill or using an elliptical trainer. In most instances, a treadmill workout qualifies as hamstering if done at such a leisurely pace that one is unlikely to lose much weight or derive significant cardiovascular benefits.
Now that summer's approaching, your typical cardio bunny will hamster away in the gym, in the hope that she'll look good at the beach.
#exercise #workouts #walking #running #sprinting
by Peter May 16, 2006
To violently make love at an alarming pace. In order to initiate a 'Hamster', the male must thrust at a speed which almost sends him into a spasm.
Man1: "Dude seriously, i hamstered the hell outta that slut ."
Man2: "No way!"
Man1: "Way."
#slut #beef curtains #tuna canoe #josh #ben
by Flossua March 15, 2009
A person, usually in highschool, who wears any of the following: jansport polka dot backpacks, flare jeans, over-sized tennis shoes, those tube scarfs that are really fuzzy, ect. They can also wear Happy Bunny tees and shop at Claire's.

Hamsters kinda act like they're in middle school.
"Do you smell that gross vanilla perfume from Longs Drugs?"-Sally

"Oh yeah, I do. That must be that girl Christina. She's such a hamster"-Marvin
#hamstr #guinea pig #rodent #jansport #polka dot #dork
by Lil_name-masta February 23, 2009
A person who is afflicted with amateur radio disease. Often is delirious and talks in Morse code. Weaves all over the road in a vehicle that looks like a porcupine.
Look at that guy parked in front of that green traffic light and talking to himself. He must be a hamster!
#amateur radio operator #hfer #satilite junkie #contester #wallpaper collector
Slang term for blacks in a jailhouse.
Look at all dem hamsters in the cage.
by Moe Foe March 19, 2005
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