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to hit something or someone with a closed fist in an overhand motion intending to cause damage, similar to the way a hammer is swung using the tricep muscle. Usually quick and repetitive.
Brock Lesnar landed some mean hammerfists against Frank Mir.

"Quit being stupid before I knock you down and hammerfist your face!"
by Forrest Griffin January 16, 2010
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the act of using your fist like a hammer, very popular in the ufc. The move often used when the opponent is on top of the other opponent's back.
Chuck Liddell hammer fisted the hell of that bitch on the ground.
by John Anthony Gillis April 04, 2010
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to plunge a fist repeatedly into a man's or woman's butt or vagina for maaaximum pleasure.
jon is going to hammerfist julie.

jon was excited because he hammerfisted julie last night.
by messseduppp March 06, 2009
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