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Hammered fuck is the ultimate, supreme state of party time explosiveness. This level of inebriation is the apocalyptic culmination of a night (or string of nights) of hardcore boozing. Hammered fuck is only reached after one has progressed through the following milestones

- hammered ass (beginner; 6-8 drinks, no pre-party),
- hammered shit (novice; 7-10 drinks, mild pre-party) and
- hammered fuck (advanced; 10+ drinks, heavy pre-party)

When one arrives at the hammered fuck stage, there is no turning back, consider it game over.
One fifth Berry/Melon Skyy Vodka, neat.
***Level Up: Hammered Ass Achieved***

Game Time:
(Party Hang 1) - 6 Vodka sodas; 2 SoCo lime shots, chilled
***Level Up: Hammered Shit Achieved***

(Party Hang 2) - 1 Vodka soda; 3 Jaeger shots, chilled; 1 Miller Lite, pre-hydration
***Level Up: Hammered Fuck Achieved***

Post-Hammered Fuck:
- Stumble home
- Mandatory hydration (to avoid early morning chest pounding and cotton-mouth)
- Rinse and repeat
by JaySkillz November 18, 2007
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