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hammer skins is a orginization sometimes refered to as a gang that has the largest concentration of pro-white skinheads in the united states they have a few splinter groups and factions with in hammer skins such as eastern hammerskins,westen hammerskins,confederate hammerskins. they took their name from the 1982 movie the wall where a fictional group of skinheads in the movie where called hammer skins they are known for orginizing rock against communism concerts ,providing security at various gigs here and abroad and running independent record labels. many hammer skins hold reguler jobs,but probably 20% make their living through criminal activity
hammer skins for ever for ever hammer skins is their matto they are more are less the same as outlaw gangs,1%ers
by NLR718 July 15, 2006
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Neo Nazi Skinhead Extreme Violent Reputation and always very racist.
Hammerskins give skinheads a bad name.
by saxe July 17, 2005
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