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presumably a crude mix between, obviously, a bat and a hammer, which would essentially have the same general function as either a bat or a hammer, with slight aesthetic variation.

also the last thing you want to see in your google feed when looking for help with a missing hammer.bat file.
Dennis: "Dude, check this out. Stay with me here, what if someone made a hammer... bat..."
Quincy: "Shut up, Dennis."
Dennis: "I'm gonna do it."

Google: "What? He actually did it? This deserves two full pages, at least."
4chan: "Shut up, Google."
Google: "Get a search bar."
4chan: "Never."
Steam: "Holy shit. You guys, someone actually made a hammer bat."
Troll: "Whoever is writing this needs to shut up."
Steam: "That is hilarious, who named this hammer.bat? You, James? You get a raise."

Quincy: "..."
Dennis: "Dude, I TOLD you. HAMMERBAT bro. hammer. bat."
Quincy: "Oh my GOD, and you're STILL talking about it."
Dennis: "hammerrrre batito."
Quincy: "Fuck you, dude, the hammer bat is still stupid."
Dennis: "Dude, you are so jealous! You're jealous of the hammer bat!"
Quincy: "No..."
Dennis: "Oh you're not jealous?"
Quincy: "Absolutely not!"
Dennis: "You're not jealous of the three pages in google when you type in hammer bat?"
Quincy: "Oh come on, you don't have to look it up now... Jesus."
Dennis: "Three pages. They call that a hat trick, son. A hammer bat trick... Patrick."
Quincy: "You can't even type, you typed in 'hammer.bat', you fool. You absolute fool!"
Dennis: "Oh my god, it's fine, Quincy, see? It still comes up with the hammer bat. Three pages, boys . Read 'em and weep."
Quincy: "Oh my god, shut UP, Dennis."
by hawkjames October 14, 2013
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