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I've been born an raised here for 24 years of my life, Its my hometown and it fucking rules. There aint a lot of nice areas according to people but I grew up in 'the jungle' area of burnbank and witnessed a lot of violence through gangs, drugs and booze, can u name a town in the world that don't have this shit gowing down? Anyway the 'bad' places are eddlewood,fairhill,laighstonehall,hillhouse,burnbank,whitehill, the glebe and auld town. I know families who have grew up in each of these places and yeah there is a lot of alcoholics, addicts and violence its a part of life u just get on with it. When u tell people your from e/wood or fairhill they automaticly assume u gonna rob them or something, so if any of you people read this go back to your yuppie life and shut the fuck up, but if you say your from high earnock or silvertonhill then people think your a fucking boy scout or some shit! the fuck is up with that?
Well in closing I want to say that hamilton is my town and I'm fucking proud of it, I was born raised and will die in this bitch! And I'm grateful that this is were my mother raised me, I love the friends I have and miss the ones I've lost, this is the place to be.

Peace out motherfuckers, keep calm and chive on.
hamilton, scotland
by mcweed July 19, 2012
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