Some bitch who tried to fuck with me.
Leave bobot alone, whore.
by Fuck you HamHocks February 24, 2004
Top Definition
Any appendage of an over weight person.
Damn, move your fucken hamhock so I can get up.
by spokes1124 March 02, 2004
A distorted or very unattractive pair of womens breats. Symptons include misaligned nipples, sagging flap jacks, or plain unsightly pair of tits.
Damn that girl has a nasty set of Ham Hocks
#monkey tits #flap jacks #deflated tits #anti-fun bags #mangled melons
by BiGMerK215 November 08, 2010
The soft, jiggly, meaty part of a womans thighs. Usually observed on an Big Beautiful Woman or BBW for short.
1.) Fabio gently kissed her hamhocks while slowly, making his way up to her clitoris, before ravaging her with his erect penis.
2.) Fabio thrust deeper, harder, she wrapped her hamhocks around his waist, sinking her nails into his back.
3.) As Fabio scooped her up by the hamhocks, he thrust her against a wall, feeling the wetness on his chiseled abs.
#ham #hock #hamhawk #hawk #thighs
by shemakesgoodsammichs October 22, 2013
The buttocks or ass cheeks.
Damn! Look at the hamhocks on that chick!
by John Lennon February 03, 2004
A prodigious, gelatinous, or otherwise unnecessarily large portion of meat on one's buttock/upper thigh region. Symptoms include the inability to fit into non wide-leg jeans, being able to see one's ass from the front, and when running the smell of burning fabric. Usually hocks are coupled with a gap between the back and the pants.
Deelishis, from Flavor of Love 2- THAT bitch got some HOCKS
Coco- Ice Tea's wife got two fine hams on her backside!
Niecy Nash aka Deputy Raineesha Williams on Reno 911. Anyone who has seen that show knows that Rainessha's ass be epITOMIZING the meaning of ham hocks.
#fat ass #hocks #stout #humps #aaron lee lambert
by Cheetah4life March 31, 2007
The flabby, jiggly skin hanging from a woman's upper arms. They resemble the legs of a pig; which the ham hock, a cut of meet, is taken from.
I need to go to the gym so I can work on my ham hocks.
#arm #flab #waddle #pecks #guns
by Sika July 28, 2009
Large female breasts.
Jeez, check out those hamhocks.
by eniact May 16, 2003
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