Cum covered shit. A large amount of loose but chunky stool covered in semen.

How to make Hamburger Helper:

Step 1.) Have diarrhea
Step 2.) Jerk-off onto diarrhea
Step 3.) Do NOT flush
Be right back. I've got to go to the restroom.....Hey! somebody left an uneaten bowl of hamburger helper in here!
by vap0rWTC February 05, 2010
Top Definition
A sexual position. It begins with one man sitting on a toilet taking a shit. Another man sits on his lap and is penetrated. The man taking the shit also jerks off the guy on his lap. It is important for the hamburger helper to end when the shit is finished. Using a white glove to jerk the guy off is a bonus.
Dude, light a match. It smells like hamburger helper in here.
by |< |3 July 16, 2006
What a hillbilly eats when he runs out of opossums or squirrels and his sisters pussy is un-available.
Jed:"I be hungry and betsy lou is out square dancin with festus."
Granny: "I'll fix you some Hamburger Helper"
by Jerkymcstupid August 07, 2010
1. People who help the people of Hamburg.
2. lettuce.
1.person who lives in the town of hamburg: Bob sure is nice for helping me mow my lawn = hamburger helpers.

2. I made a salad of hamburger helpers.
by nooneimportantt May 10, 2008
Crappying in your hand and using as lubricant to jerk someone off
After eating a bunch of prunes jane was ready to give John the hamburger helper.
by Poop Slap Whack June 05, 2010
The act of vomiting up a recently eaten hamburger onto your own penis as lube
Clay Aiken uses hamburger helper to butt-ram other men.
by mgooch July 06, 2011
1: Knock up some skanky broad
2. Take her to Planned Parenthood
3. As they're scraping out her womb, furiously masturbate in the corner
4. Once the fetus is removed, grab it from the doc and jam it into the skanky broad's cornhole
5. Rail the skanky broad in the ass, using your dead kid as lube
6. ????
7. PROFIT!!!
A properly executed Hamburger Helper will produce lulz for all involved, especially the almost-child
by A_non_4_tha_lulz June 27, 2012
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