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You put the penis in between the tits and the girl sucks the penis.
(girl is talking) that Hamburger was yummy.
by SHITTYLICK69 October 02, 2010
Uncool extremely stupid see: hammish
opposite of: houndish
When I dropped my PS2 I said Hamburger
by Nate February 27, 2005
A Sandwhich with ham in the middle
person1:Want a hamburger?
by z4z2 August 30, 2004
1: Person from Hamburg, Germany

2: A Hot Female
1: "fuck that fucking nazi Hamburger!"

2: "Damn that bitch is a Hamburger!"
by An Obese Child November 01, 2005
Australian slang for a sweater
WTF is wrong with that mate's hamburger, mate?
by krazzi biznitch July 22, 2004
When you smoke weed and don't want anyone to know what you're talking about!
Hey dude.... that hemburger last night that we cooked up was soooooo delicious! Wanna cook one up right now?
by Hamburgler June 19, 2003
n. skateboarding term for a bruise
by wayfarer April 27, 2005
When you take Ex-Lax, stick your ass against a window, and shit as hard as you can.

The shit will be on your ass cheeks and smushed in your asscrack and it will look like a hamburger through the window.
"Dude, I just nailed the church with a wicked hamburger!"
by DeliPro May 31, 2007